David Bäck grew up in Hjo with his father's jazz discs, where there were Charlie Parker and Count Basie in the collection. Played boogie woogie at 8 years of age. Started plank Charlie Parker on summer vacation when he was 15 years old.

David put together smaller and larger groups that played jazz and fusion early. Went on tour with the local big band to Denmark at the age of 17. Music studies at Per Brahe Gymnasium in Jönköping 1983-1986. Toured with jazz fusion bands in Spain when he was 18 years old.

Be a pianist and saxophonist in Jönköping County's big band who made programs with Svante Turesson, Nils Landgren, Three Ladies, Ernie Wilkins, Jan Allan, George Riedel and Bengt Hallberg. Summer tour with Jönköping County Music 1986.

Music Studies at Gothenburg Univesity of Music 1987-1994 . Pedagic Studies,  Composition ,  Jazz Studies and Piano

Have traveled back to Africa since 1988. Studied West African music in Gambia. Made the successful band Bokaloho with three singers / percussionists from West Africa. Falun folk festival.

Has worked as a pianist with various choirs as Gothenburg's chamber marker with Anders Jormin.

Started the jazz club Now Brötz in the 1990s.

Has been playing the concert series Göteborgs kunstmuseum with Lars Larsson / Peeter Uuskyla. Drive clubs with Miko Rezler drummer on Nefertiti Deep. Played in Conny Sjökvist group in the 1990s. Played with Daniel Lemmas Group Company. Played in radio, on television and on slides with Swedish Americans like Nils-Bertil Dalhander and Jojje Vadenius. Participated in Jaqee's first album.

In 1999, David started working at various music schools in South Africa. Continued music teacher, played concerts, led workshops in Johannesburg, Pretoria, Capetown and Durban until 2004 in SIDA's direction.·

2011 - Started with Stefan Bergman Tobias Grim Johan Jansson's World Music Culture Band. There are musicians like Thandiwe Mazibuko, Solo Ibou Adama Maher Sosso Cissokoh, Rubens Millet Herrera, Ibou Nyass, Jerry Obeng, Lamin Faty Khaled Harara, Osama Derbas, Assane Sane , Tapha Ndiongue, Marianne Holmboe, Abdelnassr Alahmad, Per Strandberg, Sofi Hellborg, Ida Sand, Ebba Westerberg. m fl

2011 - Worked a lot with the entertainers.

2012-2014 - Played with Deodato Siquir from Mozambique living in Stockholm. Played at festivals such as Copenhagen jazz festival, Urkult festival and Marmelad festival. Sweden, Denmark and Potugalturné with musicians such as Linley Marte from Zawinul Zyndicate.

2015-2017 Toured with Anna Ottertun in the Performing Arts Sörmland Culture in the West and Östgötamusik region. Teached as a guest teacher in Zimbabwe and appeared on several occasions at the Musica Festival, including musicians from Italy / Mozambique / Zimbabwe like Piersimone Crinelli, Tommy Bradascio and Diego Tarantino Ildo Nndja Oliver Mtukudzi. Bjöd in musicians to Sweden and toured with musicians from Mozambique / Botswana like Celso Paco Frank Paco Tomeletso Sereetsi. In recent years, collaboration with Danish jazz musicians such as Christina Von Bülow, Malene Mortensen, David Besiakov, Jakob Dinesen, Deborah Herbert and Niclas Campagnol has been developed. David Bäck released the World Music Culture Club album and received the Planeta Festival Award 2017

Front ensemble instructor at Music College People high school in Angered Gothenburg record and play in West Coast Big Band play with musicans from Reoniun Island in Opus Pocus festival 2018.

Play piano with Botswana KTM Choir at european choir games

Tour with World Music Culture Clubs school conserts in South and North of Sweden

Play piano with Brasil musicans Filo Mashado Italo Queiroz Rubem Farias at Brasil festival

Played Jazz festival with Viktoria Tolstoy

Worked as a musican and project leader with Refuges , music students and made conserts together with Gothenburg Symphony Orchestra 2019

Mentor for the Winner of Swedish Big band competions Next Generation Big Band

Made radio recording for Swedish Jazz radio broadcasting with Bäckbrothers all stars band Europe/African set up 2020